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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 16, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, i am katie marzullo. >> i am eric thomas. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:01. live doppler 7 hd shows radar satellite is quiet at this hour. we don't have thick clouds or thick fog to get us going like we did the last couple of mornings. from the roof camera to the embarcadero and ferry building you can see how clear it is. it will trend warmer, and the first forecast expect temperatures between the mid-70's to the lower 80's and around the bay, upper 60's to upper 70's and along the coast, low 60's to mid-70's so it will be warmer with the full seven-day forecast in a little bit. first, though, we will run into the car and get on the road and this is with we can expect. we do not have crashes to report so that is good. we have construction eastbound side of bay bridge between anchorage and the tower with
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cones picked up as we speak. we have construction out there until this time and 80 westbound from highway four to the maze is 16 minutes and westbound bay bridge is eight minutes and 101 southbound from san francisco to sfo is ten minutes with in delays at our area airports. >> happening today, san francisco city hers will announce the plan to deal with sunday's holiday, not easter but the unofficial marijuana fueled occasion. matt keller is at golden gate park. the city is cracking down, matt? >> yes, they are. san francisco hers are trying to put a stop to this party before it gets started. last area, they created a huge mess to clean up with 15,000 people gathered last year for the event. city welcomeers say the clean up was the worst ever for the annual gathering with five tons
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of track and $10,000 in damage. the extra people in the city and spending money for the marijuana celebration will make up for the thousands it costs to encolor up but hers say the 420 participants should get the proper permit. a critic of the event will announce plan later today to deal with unpermitted gatherings and the police chief and other san francisco leaders will also attend last year the supervisor considered calling for a ban on these celebrations and we will see how far the plan goes when she makes the announcement later today at noon. in golden gate park for abc7 news. >> residents of a san francisco apartment building hope for the best when they are allowed back in after a fire raced through their 1920's apartment building of the smoke and flamed poured through the roof year. no one was hurt. firefighters had to go in to
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save two cats. they are waiting for more information on the damage. when power is restored residents are allowed back in. >> a woman saw the fire and sent us this picture with the flames creeping through. the fire also generated a lot of thick black smoke seen for miles rising from the six-story building. look at this picture from the journal: you can see the flames from the rooftop. >> a plan tick search continues off the coast of south korea for 300 people missing after a ferry boat sank that was carrying 450 people mostly high school students. the boat was leaned to one side a few feet from the shore.
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officials now confirmed that four people are dead. the debt toll is expected to rise with so many people still missing in the cold 54-degree water. a united states navy on routine parole in the area is on the way to help. >> a proposal to impose hotel taxes on temporary rentals in san jose will be taken up in committee requiring short-term rentals through websites to pay the tax to add much needed revenue to san jose. year, san francisco's supervisor president proposed legislation to lift a short-term ban on residentials was considered. right now offering your home or apartment as a vacation rental is illegal in san francisco. >> people will rally in san francisco calling on the city to spend more on legal help for people getting evicted. there is a change to the
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proposal regarding landlords evicted tenants rather than taking affect in 90 days it could take in 30 days if passed. the landlords would have to pay the difference between the current rent and the cost of a similar apartment for two years. >> starting this morning, you can get a look at bart's new fleet of the future, and show off the new car starting at 1 11:00 on the embarcadero at market in san francisco. bart gave us this video of the cars with improved message boards and three doors to get passengers on-and-off the trains faster. disability advocates say the cars have less space available for people in the wheelchairs and the polls -- poles make it harder to get on-and-off. >> yesterday, the city council passed an ordinance banning disruptive conduct that
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antagonizes others. the ordinance bans unauthorized sales at the same event and, also, prohibited public events using bicycle and skateboards or ambassadorbly filed sound without permit and the aclu has taken notice and they say a perch's right to free speech at events is protected. >> professional dogwalkers are planning to hold a rally outside the headquarters of the golden gate recreational area to protest new rules that are calling for restrictions against professional dogwalkers at crissy field and other federal park lands in the bay area. the permit will cost them $375 a year and allows a maximum of six dogs. they call it a more restrictive measure than san francisco permit to use city parks which costs $240 a year and allows
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eight dogs. government review on a dog management plan for everyone else is not expected to be completed for another year. >> the f.a.a. is investigating an emergency landing by a small plane in livermore. it landed five miles east of livermore airport last night and it appears the plane lost engine power and neither person on board was hurt. >> starting in july you do not have to dig for change on sundays to feed the meters in san francisco, the municipal transportation agency board voted to no longer enforce parking meters on sunday. san francisco started charging for meters in january last year to fund muni and transportation projects. the new policy covers meters in most parts of the city. the transit agency voted to exsand free muni rides for low-to-mid income kids do include 18 yearlies and used to be capped at 17. >> now leyla gulen? >> nothing is free.
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we have nice temperatures and that is free. not weighing up to the fog and clouds. the next 12 hours, at 7:00 a.m., we will have fog along the coast and that will burn off with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and temperatures will ramp up to mid-70's inland and mid-60's around the bay and low 60's along the coast and by 4:00 p.m., mostly sunshine and topping out at 82 degrees inland and 76 around the bay and cooling off this evening with the clouds coming in and weak on shore is revisiting the bay area and cooling things down for the week and increasing our cloud layer so enjoy the clear skies. i will say the afternoons are quite nice. if you are traveling around california today, you will find 85 in click coe and 88 in fresno and southern california
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73 is the high in los angeles and 95 in palm springs. now we will talk about an accident we found involving a couple of vehicles in hayward. southbound nimitz you will find it and it is causing slowing as you approach highway 92 so if you need to make it to the san mateo bridge you could be delayed. northbound remark is not affected. 580 tracy to dublin is building at 32 minutes. highway 4 westbound from antioch to conquer is 14 minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza is looking empty and not too many vehicles making their way from the maze into san francisco and only taking you seven minutes. >> a perfect job the america's money reports on.
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>> what is going on in this picture? the toddler who decided to go claw his way
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, everyone. now we have the video of an eight-year-old nebraska boy with a rare disease would played his favorite super horror for --
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super hero for a day so he could fly like ironman in colorado. make a wish colorado says he loves to pretend to fly like a have hero and they wanted to fulfill that dream. he and his two younger brothers have a rare disease that causes muscles to slowly detoo rate. wheelchair by the time he is nine. >> there was a labor protest in san francisco and two dozen protesters face charges. members of the service employees international unit blocked the entrance to city hall yesterday morning and the sheriff arrested 24 protests and they were released a short time later. union leaders won a 15 percent pay hike and the city is offering 2.5 percent. sky seven shows other members
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who marched to twitter headquarters to protest tax breaks given to the company and they represent 9,400 city employees. >> staff at oakland schools are taking additional security measures after four break-ins. >> hammer destroyed a lock. >> principal shows us the damage at the school during spring break and they went into the campus on friday and saturday and stole 70 laptops. the school changed the looks but they still got back in on sunday and took more. the looks were changed a second time and they went back in monday and stole 100 tablet computers, ten classrooms and offices were hit. >> the large of the mobile device manufacturers and carriers will add anti-theft tools to smartphones including apple and samsung and at&t all
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agreed to provide a free preloaded or downloadable anti-theft tool sold after july of 2015. owners have the opportunity of repoetly removing a chart phone data and preventing react vase if lost or stolen. >> g.m. is changing vehicle safety issues. >> g.m. is putting more emphasis on safety. c.e.o. mary barra says a new group in the auto giant will focus on safety and quality across all vehicle lines and will make sure that something like this year's huge ignition switch recall never happens again. >> with record high beef means you cannot afford steak, lobster is the food dropping in price down 17 percent and coffee and peanut better and ice scream are more affordable. >> consider a new survey for
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work that found the best job in america is: mathematician. >> my job? broadcasters came in 196th out of 200. in the last spot was a lumberjack. >> lumberjack. yet. >> a tim tebow toddler is home after running away to the promised land of toys. the three-year-old managed to sneak out of the home while his mom was in the bathroom and walked across the street to the bowling alley and landed in here, inside the claw machine. the staff and customers spotted him but he didn't even notice there was a crowd forming around him, and while this was going on, mom realized he was missing and called police, they found him and reunited her with her son. >> at least he wasn't going anywhere. >> a teen is making big waves
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after getting breaking bad actor to help him listened a date to the prom. >> if you don't go to the prom with him the best course is to tread lightly. >> would you go to prom with me? >> the 17-year-old from los gatos asked him to report the message after a performance on his broadway show. >> we caught up with his date as she picked up the prom desk and she was shocked by the proposal and she for pot to give him an answer. >> after ten minutes, she saw i saw the video and he was ... i said, of course, yes, i will go, i was extremely, like, yes, my answer was yes. >> she says her friends are jealous her date went through
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such great lengths to and her out. he has ruined it. >> what about the beautiful dress? she got it for free. >> 5:19. now a check on the forecast. >> now, weather, shall we? can see how clear things are and that is the story, we have clear conditions and our live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet and we could see patchy fog language the coast and in the valley there is fog there, as well, and the clouds we will see will quickly dissolve over the morning hours and we will see mostly sunshine this afternoon. a look from sutro tower, how clear it is to san francisco and the bay bridge.
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it will be warmer with plenty of sunshine today and cool tomorrow and that is the weak onshore coming in and it will stay with us for a few days and mild and dry weather for easter but it could change closer to next week and we could see we showers. tree pollen is at moderate levels and u.v. index is high. pack the sunscreen if you are spending your day in the sun. we have an area of high pressure over the pacific and we have another area of low to the north of us and for the game day forecast it will be mice and pleasant and the giants taking on the dodgers again. 62 degrees and our high today around the bay area is going to be topping the 80's inland, and 82 in fairly, and cooler if oakland at 75 and mild and 73 in san mateo and 68 in san
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francisco under sun and 80 degree in clear lake and 82 in cloverdale. lows are upper 50's and lower 40's for the bay area and my seven-day outlook shows nice and dry as we head into easter and it will be a mild sunday with the showers possible monday or tuesday. how is the world of remark? we have a couple citizens in hair, castro valley, westbound 580, it is blocking one lane and not causing any delays approaching 238. highway 4, antioch to hercules is 30 minutes at i-80 and 15 minutes and san jose northbound from 87 to 85, a short eight minutes. >> seven things to know as you start your day. >> wanted, someone willing to work 24/7, 365 day as year. for free. a job offer that turned into a lesson in a mother's love.
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ohhhh that, that sounds like work. yeah. and what's the point of wearing a leisure suit if you can't be leisurely? [ male announcer ] introducing snickers bites. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, richmond police say security footage could help track down two suspects in a shooting in a mall. one victim is in serious condition and the other critical after being shot near the target before 6:00 p.m. yesterday. >> nine residents of a mission district apartment building in san francisco are waking up out of the their home, a fire with flames and thick smoke poured from their building and no word on what caused the fire. >> breaking overnight a massive search is underway right new off the coast of south korea after a ferry boat carrying more than 400 people sank.
5:25 am
most of the the passengers were high school students. 300 are believed missing and four confirmed missing. >> cadaver dogs are brought into a former tv station destroyed by fire. fire crews want to make sure no one died in the place. >> the fast and furious series will go on because of the brothers of late actor paul walker, filming had been halted after his death in november but now has resumed now that the two brothers have stepped in to help >> it is warmer today inland temperatures are reaching 83 degrees and we will be in the upper 60's to 70's around the bay account coast and cooler there and up to 75 degrees if places like santa cruz. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and we have a few folks in
5:26 am
the bay area weighing up and headed out to work and it looks like we are at top speeds across the bay area. i will tell you where the construction could get in your way. >> prince william and his wife and baby son are in australia. here is the happy family arriving in sydney. prince george is inly mother's arm. they wrapped up a ten day trip around new zealand. they were greeted bit prime minister before being whipped off to the opera house. getting all choked up thinking about it. >> the top stories are ahead and your chance to get a look at the bart fleet of the future. >> local chinese american leaders react to the federal corruption probe involving state senator yee concerned about the scandal spelled out in an open
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. very good morning. coming up on 5:30. i am katie marzullo. >> i am eric thomas. we will check on the weather. and then the traffic. leyla gulen? >> we have patchy fog along the coast. it is clear over the bay waters. you can see from the cameras as we look at the western span of the bay bridge it is looking beautiful. san francisco is at 52 degrees and waking up to 55 in oakland and 51 in san jose and los gatos is cooler at 47, and 46 at half moon bay. it will remain what up. today will be the warmest day of the week for the next few days you will see the weak system
5:30 am
bringing temperatures down and increased clouds. we have a mild weekend ahead. we have an update of the location of an accident in the east bay, castro valley westbound 580 is where we could see slowing at redwood road at 238. a stalled dump truck northbound 680 approaching westbound four blocking a lane and that could slow you down as you make it through the area. this is the drive right up to the tolls and you can see the traffic is building in the cash-paying lanes and then it moves along into san francisco. >> happening today we are getting our first look at the bart car of the future, the transit age will unveil a mockup for riders to inspects but some have decided they don't like it. >> amy hollyfield is at the bart station in walnut creek.
5:31 am
>> some people with disabilities have concerns of the new trains and whether there is enough room if a wheelchair and service animals. here is a look at the exterior of the train, an image that bart has released, and, also, giving us video of the inside of the trains. today, you can see it for yourself. the car will be on display in san francisco and they want you to walk through it and tell them what you think. we showed the pictures to riders this morning and some say they don't care what it looks like they are ready for new trains. >> here is the information for today's unveiling. they will day because the train car at 11:00 and they will open it up to tours at 11:30 and they will be there until 7:00
5:32 am
tonight, the first of ten stops between now and may ninth. bart officials are aware of the concerns of people with disabilities and they have made changes based on what they have heard and that is the point. they want feedback from riders that the design is not final but they want to hear what you had to say before they have their final plan and they encourage you to speak up. thank you, amy. developing news in richmond where this morning police are looking for the suspects involved in a shooting that took place in a crowded mall parking lot happening at the target shopping center before five o'clock yesterday. a clerk said she saw two men yelling at two other men who were in a car and one of them in the car opened fire hitting the two men outside the vehicle. richmond police say that the victims drove themselves to the hospital and one is in critical condition and the other is in serious condition.
5:33 am
detectives are looking through security footage to try to get more information about the gunman. officials in south korea say 300 people are missing after a ferry boat sank in the cold water off the southern coast this morning. at least four people are confirmed dead and there are fears of a much bigger death toll as boats and helicopters and divers search for survivors. most of the 459 people were high school students on a school trip. survivors say many of the students jumped into the ocean wearing life jackets and swam to a rescue boat but others were believed trap when the ferry sank. the ferry now is mostly submerged. >> lawyers for the boston marathon bombing suspect go to court to ask a judge to dismiss some of the charges. a 30-count federal indictment charges tsarnaev with the twin
5:34 am
bombings that killed three and wounded 260. many charge are redundant and could sway the jury. two explosions near the finish line echoed through the already rattled city of boston yesterday after a man wearing a black veil shouting "boston strong" dropped a backpack identified at 25-year-old performance artist. there was a rice cooker in the backpack filled with confetti. he is charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and possession of a hoax device. >> san francisco's chinese community is distancing itself from state senator yee in the wake of the corruption scandal. dozens of other rome anyone chinese american leaders signed an open leader and community
5:35 am
call to action yesterday. they wrote that the fall out brought intense scrutiny on the chinese american community stating "after years of toil and effort and hard fought gains, we cannot let the alleged corruption of a few set back the progress of the great many." he has pled not guilty. >> san francisco officials are preparing for the sunday's annual 420 marijuana celebration in golden gate park which happens without a permit. at noon, supervisor be joined by police chief suhr and announce a comprehensive plan to deal with the unpermitted 420 gathering. last year, officials say up to 15,000 people showed up at sharon meadow blamed for leaving behind five tons of crash that cost taxpayers about $10,000 to clean up. >> the new eastern span of bay
5:36 am
bridge gets a new inspection because of recently found rust. the elected officials have called for an independent review of the corrosion based on a report in the sunday newspaper. rust has been found in one of the chambers where a suspension cage is attached. a spokesman said there no need for concern. >> happening today, a congressional hearing on keeping the power grid safe after an attack on a substation near san jose. the hearing is scheduled for this afternoon in washington, dc. representatives and private industry laters will discuss the importance of securing the power grid. last wherever, someone shot a high powered rifle at the substation in the south bay and pg&e says the person could have knocked out power to a big part of silicon valley for an extended period of time. >> now a check on the forecast headed into the holiday week. >> it is hurricaning beautiful,
5:37 am
mice and dry and mild. we start of ago with patchy fog and cloud layer but we have a ridge of high pressure that is weak but it will be with us for the day and bring our temperatures up from yesterday. then it will change by tomorrow as we head into lunch time we will still have partly cloudy skies making way for sunshine by 4:00 p.m. this afternoon and reaching up to the lower 80's in the inland area and upper 70's for the bay can lower 60's around the coast with clouds coming back in overnight and sticking around until tomorrow. an area of low pressure will increase our clouds over the bay and make it cooler but by thursday we still have gusts over the pack waters and, in fact, it will daughter a small craft advisory in effect until that time. >> now, the traffic shows an
5:38 am
accident cleared now in the east bay. you can see in the east bay, this accident has cleared westbound 580 at redwood road not causing any delays, thankbly, and headed over to 23 you are in good shape and with our app you can see how things are moving along 580 east of there if you are traveling westbound direction from tracy, around mountain house we have a wazer reported standstill traffic. give yourself extra time to head out the door. it is easy to traffic your traffic with the exclusive waze app. >> next a video police hope lead to the hen who -- men who turned a stop at an a.t.m. into a
5:39 am
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covering los altos, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, everyone, at
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5:41. from our camera at the ferry building bay bridge you can see it is 52 degrees in the city. shaping up to be a lovely day. >> that is what 52 degrees looks like? >> premise hope someone recognizes two men suspected of robbing a veteran who was using a a.t.m. they used a victim's credit card last wednesday morning. a retired marine says a robber pull add gun and demanded his wallet taking place at a bank of america. the victim says the gunman and another were driving a white mercede. >> students and teachers are back at school in pennsylvania. last knit the school held a rally to reassure students and their families that things will
5:43 am
be back to normal and held banners and the per and brothers of the seriously injured stabbing victim helped the crowd. the 16-year-old hribal stabbed 21 in the hall and is charged with attempted murder. >> in kansas, attorney scene holder will attend a memorial service to three people killed by a former kkk leader, the ceremony scheduled for tomorrow morning. on sunday, police say white supremacist frazier glenn cross shot two men, a 73-year-old hand and his 14-year-old grandson outside a jewish community center. he faces the death penalty. >> it is a cold morning for many people across the country from the midwest to the northeast many people have to keep their coats handy because storm systems have brought cold temperatures, strong winds and snow. this tanker in the chesapeake was beached after winds pushed it off anchor and the weather
5:44 am
has people saying "snow" is a four letter word. >> turf for levi stadium will be harvested from a local farm. the brass is installed at the new 49ers stadium tomorrow. 2.5 actioners of the turf are rolled up at the livingston farm and brought to santa clara on 13 strucks and the 49s picked the turf because it will stay green into the season and it is sturdy enough to keep from breaking apart. >> giants and dodgers erupting up after a marathon matchup. the gale was so long it started on jackie robinson day and ended on manager's birthday. angel got from first base skying
5:45 am
the score arrest two. and sanchez hit as walk off single and that scores crawford giving the giants the 3-2 win ending four hours and 54 minutes after it started. the giants and dodgers meet tonight at 7:15 at at&t park and they rome to ato keep it to nine innings. >> a colleague pointed out if they win, bocci gets two wins on his birthday. is that a record? >> quite a birthday present. >> let's see if we can do it again today, perfect weather for a game tonight. the bay bridge is basking in the moon light. looking to berkeley and the
5:46 am
marina, it is clear, a nice containing from yesterday and the day before. we had lots of thick fog and low clouds taking their time to burn off. we will see the sunshine earlier , with satellite not too impressive. there are no delays at the local armies. the high over the pacific is bringing the temperatures up which will be followed by a low. we are down to three miles at half moon bay so foggy there and through the valley. six miles in santa rosa and unlimited elsewhere. that is going to bode well for cars and mass transit. temperatures mild and comfortable and 55 in oakland and 53 in fairfield and 47 in los gatos and 51 in san mateo
5:47 am
and 50 in san rafael. the game tonight shows giants versus the dodgers, starting degrees. upper 70's to lower 80's for the south bay. cooler in pacifica at 66. downtown san francisco is sunny and 80 in calistoga and, also, for the east bay, 75 in oakland and mild pushing inland and 81 in antioch and 83 in brentwood. lows tonight in the upper 40's to 50's for the bay area. dry as we head into easter sunday and a possible chance of showers to the north of us early next week. now, we will talk traffic and see what is happening on the roads. it is quiet for the pass and westbound 580 at 30 miles per
5:48 am
hour as you inch your way to livermore and it starts to open up from there. highway 4 westbound from antioch to hercules is 38 minutes and 80 is clear to the maze and to the san jose airport is eight minutes. thank you. >> we have an update on a family's struggle to be at side of their sick child, with a way to help out the family. yesterday morning we told you of six-month-old wyatt who needs a heart transplant. his parents live in martinez an hour away from the children's hospital. there a fund to help them out. we have more information on >> now, to what is called the toughest job in the world. >> the video of job applicants interviewing for director of
5:49 am
operations but it requires unlimited hours, no breaks, and, right, no pay. >> job requires you must be able to work standing up most or all of the time. constantly on your feet. >> how many hours? >> 135 hours to unlimited hours. >> what if someone actually currently holes -- holes this position? >> who? >> mom. >> mom. >> the card company "american greetings" came up with the idea in time for mother's day and the video is soon by six million people since it was posted two days ago. it sounds like an easier gag than most moms have. >> i love you, mom! >> big changes for prospective college students. >> new at 6:00, a city in the south turns into the wild, while
5:50 am
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a san jose city councilwoman is leading an effort to restrict e-cigarette use. she wants the city to put the same limitations on electronic cigarettes. this afternoon at 2:00 at san jose city hall, the rules and open government committee will
5:53 am
hear her proposal which has support from city councilman. should it pass it would go to the expire city council. >> today, the class of 2017 and their parents can get a look at the new and improved s.a.t. test releasing sample questions from the updated version of college entrance exam. officials say the test features more questions with analysis and real world legislations including a student given a set of facts can asked to use the information to convert dollars to foreign currency. the top discovery is 1600 and counting on feedback to make improvements before the official roleout. now the weather. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, from the camera, cross the bay, san francisco shows the first light coming up and it is going to be a clear day, mice and warm, as well, and with warmer conditions
5:54 am
we expect to see cooler temperatures tomorrow with a weaker trough that is going to be visiting us for a few days and mild and dry for the week. as we look from our mount tamalpais camera a high u.v. index but we are in the low category for weed, grass, and mold and tree pollen is moderate. now the traffic and see how moderate our traffic is moving. we have had mostly congestion and construction so as we take you over to highway 4, if you are moving along in the westbound direction you will find bumper-to-bumper traffic headed up to antioch at 18 miles per hour and it picks up to top speed through pittsburg and concord. in san jose, can you see how it is moving, it is nice and quiet. we have a few extra folks that woke up and are on the freeway. from highway 17 in the southbound direction there are a few extra cars but at top
5:55 am
speeds. >> google could be working on something to make the new glass obsolete. they have patented a smart contact lens with a camera will in that offers features such as super zoom and it could help the blind see we scanning the environment. the lens would have wireless capabilities and would be able to detect faces. google has represented a smart lens capable of measuring the glucose level in die -- >> there could be the birth of a moon according to astronomers that work their way out to orbit on their own or merge with other moons and it is called "peggy," which is estimated to be half a mile wide. >> a really old guy is headed to
5:56 am
a brand new home, the museum of natural history in washington, dc, will house the fossils of t rex found in 1988, one of the most complete skeletons ever found. renovations take five years. they have signed a 50-year lease to display the dinosaur the longest deals ever. >> a puppy in missouri is safe this morning after falling down a storm drain and was rescued, firefighters in st. louis spent three hours trying to save the two-month-old tea cup chihuahua named "you -- you won believe it the dog tried to jump over an open drain and fell in but now is okay and hopefully learned an important lesson.
5:57 am
>> san francisco's 420 celebration under fire to avoid a repeat last year's problems. >> also, teens and too much time spent on their phones a new report that raises fresh worries of the impact of technology on kids. >> michael finney teams up with "consumer reports" to fine -- find the best bathroom tissue.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a frantic search is underway in south korea after a ferry carrying hundreds sings. up to 300 people are missing and most of them are high school students. san francisco city laters unveil a land to deal with sunday's planned 420 marijuana
6:00 am
celebration and avoid a repeat of last year's mess which cost thousands to clean up. >> bart riders can see the fleet of future. not everyone is happy. >> good morning, everyone, at 6:00 a.m. leyla gulen is here this morning for mike. how is the forecast? >> good morning, everyone at 6:00. live doppler 7 hd shows radar satellite has a thick marine layer is negligible but from the east bay hills camera to the bay bridge basking in the moon light marines wait for sun. we will look warmer today. by noon and 4:00 p.m., mostly sunshine topping out in the lower 88 to upper 70's. lower 60's along the coast and it will cool down as we ge


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